Capital Research Ltd, now trading as Charles Sullivan & Associates, started in 1993. We’re an All-of-Government (AoG) Consultancy Services provider (policy, research and development category).  

Charles Sullivan has extensive research and evaluation experience, both as a senior manager and as a practitioner. He was a Director in leading research companies (Nielsen, Research NZ) for 10 years. In the public sector he managed rapid change in the Health Promotion Agency research team through 4 Team Leads.

As a practitioner he worked for around a decade as an independent consultant, and more recently in the public sector (Social Wellbeing Agency & Ministry of Justice/Sector Group). His core skills include evaluative thinking, survey design/analysis/management, and familiarity with administrative data (including the Integrated Data Infrastructure, IDI). Topic areas he has worked in over recent years are wellbeing, health, and justice.

He’s now more of a generalist advisor, having earlier worked more as a specialist in survey design/analysis and sustainable transport. Collaborating with academic specialists has been a regular feature of his work, helped by his PhD (Psychology, University of Otago) and his 3 years of experience as a university lecturer.

Charles is a member of the Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association (ANZEA), the American Evaluation Association (AEA) and the Australasian Transport Research Forum (ATRF).

Fiona McPherson is a Director of the company and provides editorial and administrative support. She is a writer and publisher through Wayz Press, the publishing arm of Capital Research, which specializes in educational, reference, and self-help books. She also has a doctorate in psychology from the University of Otago.


Kinnect Group colleagues Judy Oakden, Kate McKegg, Nan Wehipeihana, Julian King and Adrian Field.

Several other researchers, evaluators and analysts Charles has enjoyed working with previously.

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