‚ÄčWhat can he help you most with in evaluation / research / admin data analysis?

  • Advice on challenges – research/evaluation management, quantitative, survey design.
  • ‘Been there done that’ – aspects of wellbeing, health, justice, transport, or tax compliance costs where Charles is already familiar with the territory.
  • Risk management – identifying likely major problems months/years down the track based on many years of seeing projects unfold. Based on experience built from having often deliberately chosen high-risk projects/positions.
  • ‘Analytical synthesis’ – the crafts of mixing methods/evidence types or fostering collaboration. Both multidisciplinary collaboration and getting best value when integrating generalists and specialists.
  • Recovery – prioritising steps to recover from awkward situations is surprisingly tricky. This often demands fluency in all the areas listed above.

How can we help?

  • Independent consultancy or in-house contracts (maximum of 4 days per week preferred).
  • Scoping, planning and reviewing research/evaluations/analyses.
  • Coaching in research management or techniques (quantitative, survey design).
  • Delivery of complete evaluation/research projects – will often require working together with others.