Some projects and programmes Charles has had a major role in:


  • Place-Based Initiatives – implementation and emerging outcomes evaluation. I managed the contract for this for a couple of years (when at Social Wellbeing Agency). It required some tricky decisions about right mix of qual and quant (Integrated Data Infrastructure / IDI) and respectful navigation of the central government role in such regionally led work.
  • Qualitative evaluation of a pilot change management programme at Auckland Prison (‘Right Track’). This involved interviewing prisoners and staff.

Administrative data / Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI)

  • Manager of Analytics team of data scientists working with IDI at Social Wellbeing Agency for 7 months in 2020
  • Coordinating several analysts working on ‘Investment Approach for Justice’ in 2016 (one of the largest projects using the IDI until then)
  • Sentencing analysis (Ministry of Justice): A series of 4 related papers quantifying major changes in sentencing over the previous 10 years and estimating impact on employment and re-offending (e.g. joint paper with Treasury)

Survey management and advice

  • Led change to interactive Kupe data explorer instead of traditional survey reports (at Health Promotion Agency)
  • NZ Crime & Safety Survey: face-to-face nationwide using CAPI/CASI, n>5000, exceptionally complex questionnaire. Led fieldwork supply in 2006 (as Director at Nielsen), provided technical advice in 2009 & 2014 (as independent consultant in 2009; from within the Ministry of Justice in 2014), and helped with initial planning for the new survey that started in 2018
  • Innovative stated choice design and analysis working with University of Sydney (willingness-to-pay transport survey)

Planning / review

  • Coordinated Wellbeing Expertise programme planning at Social Wellbeing Agency in 2021
  • Review of the use (and misuse) of older driver crash statistics in policy (the ‘Sullivan Report‘). Major changes in testing requirements for older drivers followed shortly afterwards.

For more detail, see selected presentations, papers and publications here.