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Capital Research Ltd, now trading as Charles Sullivan & Associates, started in 1993. We’re an All-of-Government (AoG) Consultancy Services provider (policy, research and development category).  

Charles Sullivan has extensive research and evaluation experience, both as a senior manager and as a practitioner. He was a Director in leading research companies (Nielsen, Research NZ) for 10 years. In the public sector he managed rapid change in the Health Promotion Agency research team through 4 Team Leads.

As a practitioner he worked for around a decade as an independent consultant, and more recently in the public sector (Social Wellbeing Agency & Ministry of Justice/Sector Group). His core skills include evaluative thinking (he was a founding member of the Kinnect Group of evaluators), survey design/analysis/management, and familiarity with administrative data (including the Integrated Data Infrastructure, IDI). Topic areas he has worked in over recent years are wellbeing, health, and justice.

He’s now more of a generalist (having earlier worked more as a specialist in survey design/analysis and sustainable transport). So now he’s often most useful where the craft of pragmatically combining diverse research/evaluation methods or perspectives is key. Collaborating with academic specialists has been a regular feature of his work, helped by Charles having a PhD himself (Psychology, University of Otago).

Fiona McPherson is a Director of the company and provides editorial and administrative support. She is a writer and publisher through Wayz Press, the publishing arm of Capital Research, which specializes in educational, reference, and self-help books. She also has a doctorate in psychology from the University of Otago.

They have productive connections with many who they have enjoyed working with previously.